"Gentlewomen, if the ground be not too wet, may doe themselves much good by kneeling upon a cushion and weeding."

~ The Art of Simpling by William Coles, London 1656

The Windsor Garden Group projects & plantings.

Veterans Memorial Monument (North lawn of Community House)

Community House Peace Garden (also North lawn)

Post Office Planter Box

Many other gardens and plantings in our community are maintained by other organizations, property owners and by the Town and Village of Windsor.

Thank you to all!


It has been our pleasure to visit hundreds of gardens through the years.  Here are a few of our favorites.


The Windsor Garden Group loves to visit Eric Neff's Hosta gardens in Vestal

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Eric Neff, Peggy Colosi, Jill Skinner


Helen Raught, Carolyn Garcia, Eric Neff, Peggy Colosi


The side yard, with Judy Bode, Helen Raught & Carolyn Garcia


Mini Hostas and... getting ready to approach the back yard!  Ready?


Peggy Colosi's first glimpse of the back yard!  Eric Neff smiles at her response.


Eric's gardens were hit with the hail storm in May.


Eric also mixes Columbine, Ferns, Trillium, Solomon's Seal and Primrose in with the Hostas.


Even the grass is beautiful!


Thalictrum (Meadow Rue)